The daily grind

Every day I have a habit, or more aptly ritual, in which I take the time to pour myself a cup of coffee using the hand drip / pour over method. This method takes a lot of effort and also patience to get right, so I find it helps me get ready for the day ahead quite well.

There’s obviously a set order in which you do things with pour over, I mean like putting the kettle on, weighing and grinding the beans while you’re waiting, and warming up the cups before beginning the pour, and this order also helps to add balance to the ritual.

I find that this is a great way to do creative stuff too. To start off with something that has a set order, and then flip it on its head and do something completely new.

Not only that, but I get to try a wide variety of coffees, so I can also improve my taste pallet (spelling?) at the same time.



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