Practice and Process

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I just re-did some voiceovers I had done, nothing too bad though. This is all part of the process of trying to better my communication skills.

The reason for the re-recording; my voice is a bit lacklustre! Even with a professional mic. I find that the further along in a recording I get, the less energetic my voice sounds, so by the time I’m halfway through a video, that alone is a good enough reason to stop for a break.

Tone of voice portrays a lot more information than you’d expect. I try to smile as much as possible during recording, but even then sometimes it’s not enough. Sometimes I have to focus on hitting the higher pitches, otherwise my voice becomes a bit droning and hard to listen to.

Either way, this is yet another thing to focus on when recording video. I think the original take wasn’t good enough because it was obvious I was reading a script, or at least trying too hard to memorise it. But I got over that by actually memorising it, and then focusing on making the recording sound as natural as possible.

The thing is, my voice isn’t naturally that energetic anyway, so I hope I don’t come across as too unnatural when the video is released, which it will be soon! At least I won’t sound lacklustre though. It’s all a matter of practice and process!



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