Pride in Japan

Sometimes when I go to a café for example with my friends, my Japanese friends say it's like we are in a foreign country. Or sometimes people say photos of Japan look like photos from a different country. I think this shows a lack of pride in their own country. They are saying this because they think their country is not cool enough.

Pride is shown in many different ways in Japan. In recent times, Japanese people tend to favor more western style type of architecture for example. So, for me by showing that I enjoy Japanese culture I feel that I am educating the Japanese that their a culture is actually quite amazing. That is one reason why I would prefer to live in a Japanese style house. I think Japanese people have become accustomed to the idea that traditional Japanese homes are quite uncomfortable.

Which is true, unless you do some sort of renovations to them. So I would like to renovate a Japanese home and so that Japanese style is very unique and good. Then maybe Japanese people will show more pride in their culture.



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