Procrastination is the enemy

I often have this problem where I say I’ll do something better if I moved to a different environment, as if the current environment is unconducive to work. There are a few places I can/ do work; my office at home, my office at school, and places like cafes etc. but I do use these different locations to procrastinate, by saying ‘if only I had both screens’ or ‘I need all my resources with me’ or ‘I need this specific resource but it’s not with me’ or even ‘I need coffee’.

Quite clearly this is the Resistance at work.

Just yesterday even I was working on my guidebook to the Dewa Sanzan, and I was half-way through something when I thought I’d be able to write this better if I was somewhere else. I was already at a café after having said the same thing an hour prior.

Thankfully, I reminded myself of that and quickly got back to work, but it shows just how easily the resistance can creep up on you.

Creative work is hard because it’s so easy to procrastinate. I think if you can either get over the urge to procrastinate or you can mitigate its effects, it’ll be fine. Maybe I should read Steven Pressfield’s work again…



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