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I read my grandfather’s memoirs a while back, and it felt like he was in the room right there with me. He hasn’t been on this planet in more than 17 years. There are a few other people not on this earth anymore whose writing I would really appreciate right about now, or whenever really.

To write is to think. Writing is a powerful tool because we can use it to mould our thoughts into persuasive arguments. But more than that I like reading writing because it gives us some insight into the thought patterns of the writer.

Whether you think your writing or thoughts are worthy or not is really irrelevant. Being able to produce prose is what it’s about, and I encourage you to also pick up a pen and get your thoughts out on to paper. You never know who could appreciate your writing.

*p.s. I’m talking about any form of expression here, but I think writing is probably the best way to get across what you feel in a lot of cases, at least it is for me.



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