Slow is how you go

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Slow is steady, steady is fast, so the FBI saying goes.

One of my favourite things to do in pool is to hit the cue ball ever so slightly but just enough that the ball rolls into the pocket. There’s something to be said for a steady hand, and it’s the same for swimming and camera work too.

For swimming, take things one stroke at a time. Focus on getting the most out of your current stroke. Not the next one, and not the one after that. For swimming, it may look like your legs are kicking fast, but your kicking is designed to keep your core up and to get the most out of your stroke. How do you do that efficiently? Slow and steady.

For photography, well mainly videography, most of the time you want just slight movement. A slowly moving drone shot over a field, a slowly curving shot of a building, slow slow slow. No need to rush things.

Slow, but steady. Therein lies the challenge. But therein lies the answer as well.



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