My biggest pet hate as an interpreter

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When it comes to native checking of translations, you only change what absolutely must be changed. As much as possible, you don’t change the style of the translator, as frankly, it’s unnecessary. All you’re doing is giving yourself extra work unnecessarily.

On the same note, when you’re watching someone interpret or guide, never butt in, even if you think your interpretation or guide is better. Not only is it not necessary, it’s also a matter of opinion, and worse of all it can have a detrimental effect on the person’s performance. This stifles their own growth, which is worse than simply being rude.

If you must give feedback, at the very least wait until the person has finished, and even then don’t do it in front of a group of people. Enjoy the interpretation or guide for what it is, don’t get caught up in the nitty gritty.

And whatever you do, don’t butt in. Show a little restraint.



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