Sorting out houses

How to make it easier when you’re sorting out someone else’s house:

Make three piles:

1. Stuff to get rid of, either to donate, sell, or throw away depending on state.

2. Stuff to keep for sure.

3. Stuff to think about.

It’s better if you get everything out and put it in a visible pile. This makes it easier to sort out.

Get rid of 1. as soon as possible, or at least organize it for easy disposal, such as by putting it in the garage or somewhere near the door.

For 2., The stuff to keep for sure, keep it and take it back to its new home.

For 3., stuff to think about, try doing as much as possible as soon as possible. It makes it easier if you have to empty the house cos you have to get rid of it anyway and that means it goes into 1. Otherwise, limit yourself to a certain number of things that remind you of the person, and that’s it. Everything else is either donated or thrown away depending on condition.

Another tip, do this as early as possible, it makes it much easier later on!

If you’re deciding whether to keep a place furnished or not for rental, don’t. It’s more stuff to have to keep track of that won’t benefit you anyway.

That’s about all for now. Good luck.



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