That little bit extra is worth more than you think.

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Do what you must to maintain the habit, future you will thank you

I have an unspoken rule whereby if I can’t swim more than 2km, I don’t go swimming. It’s something I’ve picked up over the years, and for the most part I’ve managed to maintain it. The only times I haven’t is when the pool has been too full, and I’ve had to share a lane with two or more slower swimmers (meaning overtaking becomes too hard).

But the rule is ridiculous. Plus, 2km is completely arbitrary. All it means is that I have a convenient excuse to not swim, when I know perfectly well I could at least get some decent lengths in.

Sure you may not be able to get a full workout in, but doing even just a little bit helps maintain your momentum, and makes it easier for you the next time around. It’s also an excuse to do things you wouldn’t normally do, shorter exercises requiring more energy, or a different kind of conditioning exercise, for example.

Don’t make time you can’t get a full workout in an excuse to not do anything. It’s unnecessary, and detrimental. Plus, that tiny shift in mindset required for starting exercise helps in more ways than you think.

That little bit extra is worth so much more than a little bit extra.



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