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Finding the balance of time to output is how to create habits that last. The habit you’re trying to build can’t take too much out of your day, but nor can it be so short as to amount to nothing. A meetable and reasonable deadline seems tantamount.

I noticed that we’re nearly up to number 100 for our Kiwi Radio podcasts. 100! I never thought I would ever have a radio show let alone 100 of them, but I guess if you’re doing them weekly and it’s been nearly two years, it does add up.

It doesn’t feel like that much. And I think it’s because of incremental periodic additions. The show runs for about 30 minutes, so that’s only 30 minutes a week of our time. So I guess the key is finding what the sweet spot of attention to give is for the results your hoping to earn. Let me try that with a few of my other endeavours…



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