The Podcasting Fellowship: Why me?

Why are you uniquely suited to produce and host this podcast?

My identity as a non-Japanese Bilingual Yamabushi means that I have access to thousands of years’ worth of ancient knowledge and philosophy right in front of my eyes, coupled with the ability to portray that in native English. After a few years of translating, interpreting, and then curating articles about the Dewa Sanzan, I’m now probably the most knowledgeable English speaker of this wonderful place.

In addition, like everyone, I have lived (am living) through some tough times. But unlike everyone, I feel I’ve gotten the raw end of the stick, yet I come out as positive as ever. I know other people are going through tough times, but I wish to show that there is a way through even the toughest of times, and that comes through acceptance to the core.

I feel my time out on the mountains has given me the resilience and resolve to accept things and always see the bright side of life, and I wish to share this with the world (well, not the whole world as Seth kindly points out).

What do you hope to learn by creating this podcast?

How to better reach people. I have gained a lot of knowledge over the last few years that I feel is extremely valuable in helping humankind grow, or to how make things better :). I hope to learn how to better communicate this to a wider audience, and not necessarily through podcasts as well.

And here’s the bonus punchline: Once you realize that what makes your podcast truly unique and original is you, the question is: how do you put more you into it?

How indeed. Sharing personal experiences, opinions, and ideas. Interpreting things in my own words, and doing this day after day.



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Sakata City, Yamagata, Japan

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