The slog

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A daily practice is as good a way as any to get through the slog. Even if you just do the bare minimum each day, that’s perfectly fine. What matters is that you’ve done it. You’ve gotten out there and put something out in the world. If you can just do that, then it all builds up like a snowball, and keeps gaining momentum.

For some reason, this month seems to be the month of magazines.

I was recently interviewed for an upcoming magazine in Japanese (details once released!), and I was approached by another seemingly popular magazine to write an article for them. I am extremely flattered, however it is proving quite the challenge, perhaps I’m thinking about it too much! Then, I was approached by yet another magazine, this time much more local, and will be featured sometime in the upcoming weeks as well (this one is in Japanese too).

I feel much more confident that I have now written over 1,250 blog posts. It’s the turning up each day that counts.



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