The ultimate combination of sports for a healthy body

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Yoga and Swimming really do it for me

For me, a combination of swimming and yoga works really well. I’ve been swimming since I was a kid, including at least ten years as a waterpolo player, so I know my way around the pool pretty well. I also know how amazing swimming is for staying fit and healthy.

The problem is though, if you’re like me and either forget to, or don’t have the time for stretching beforehand, swimming doesn’t stretch all of the muscles that you need to stretch to stay healthy. At least the way I do it.

I have extremely flexible arms, chest, and back. But when it comes to my hips, not so much. I’ve been trying over the past few years to increase my hip mobility, and I’m only just starting to get proper results, meaning I can sit on the floor for extended periods without too much trouble.

However, the real test will be this year’s Akinomine, a weeklong Yamabushi ritual where we sit on the floor for extended periods of time multiple times a day for basically the duration. Physically, it’s the hardest part of Yamabushi training for me.

So, I’m hoping with a combination of yoga and swimming I can keep a healthy body. Of course diet comes into play, but that’s more a matter of staying away from the bad stuff. Either way, I love swimming and yoga, and will continue it for the interim at least.

That and climbing mountains, of course.



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