There’s no need to follow what others are / aren’t doing

This situation is a reminder that you don't need to follow what others are (or aren't) doing. I mentioned it in my rant yesterday, but Japan as a whole is a country of technophobes. There are of course exceptions to this, but in general, Japanese people aren't as computer-savvy as their technological advancements would have you believe. Anyway, what this means in my situation is that we have a lot of teachers who are now struggling to adapt to only online classes.

Besides my writing course, I should have taken the lead a few years ago and made my speaking classes available online as well. That would have made it easier for me back then, and it certainly would have helped now. Now I have a few days to do what I had intended on doing years ago. Besides bad excuses for not making my speaking classes available online, one reason was that other teachers were not doing so.

Either way, it's kind of funny watching others struggle, where there are simple solutions and the only thing getting in their way is their own attitude to learning something new.



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