Technology Biting you in the Butt

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This is a huge assumption, so bear with me, but do you think Japan’s agricultural history has had an impact on their response to using technology thanks to Coronavirus? My theory goes that farmers here have always lived in villages in Japan, whereas in NZ, the farmers live all spread apart from each other. So historically, Japan has lived in close quarters with one another, and has relied on each other more, whereas NZers have learned to become more self-reliant.

So, my theory goes that in general, in regards to technology, NZers are more accepting of learning new things to become more self-reliant (i.e. computers and technology), whereas, in general, Japanese people haven’t felt the need to do so because they felt that they could rely on one another to get by. I’ve heard that Japanese people are the kings of acceptance, they took on Buddhism from the 6th century, and foreign technology in the 1860s, but I’m guessing that this may be more because the situation in some way forced to do so.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that Japan’s reluctance (for whatever reason, it’s generally conservatism) to not take on technology until now is well and truly biting them in the butt, so to speak. But I hope this struggle will be a good turning point in their attitude towards technology, and that they will see the benefit in using technology more (seriously, it’s ridiculous how analog they are).



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