Things that bother only us

Today's swim was a bit tough. 3 100s into my 12 100s set, someone jumped into my lane and began swimming. I had to push it for a little to overtake them, for fear of not making it in time had I slowed down for them. What ended up happening was that I made the 3rd hundred fine, but I had pushed myself too hard, and I really had to try hard to stay on time for the remainder (I only just made it btw).

The funny thing was, the dude that jumped into my lane had no idea that he had seriously bothered my swim. All the other lanes had more than one person in them, so they really had no choice. They could have chosen to wait to gauge my pace, which I always try to do to other people, but they didn't and just jumped in my lane.

It's funny how some things can bother us no end, and not even phase other people. It just goes to show how insignificant we can be in other people's lives. I wonder how much I bother other people...



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