To CV or not to CV

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I had a kind of job offer last week. I say kind of because it was only a potential thing, but it sounded quite good so I asked what I could do to make it a reality. Essentially I was told to send through a short CV.

The thing is, for the past five or so years I have prided myself on not needing a CV. Or should I say, I purposely tried to not need one. The thinking being rather than approaching people and companies for jobs, I wanted to work hard so that people would come to me instead.

It looks like it worked, in this one case. But I realise now that not having a ready CV is quite naive on my behalf.

I still don’t think you should need a CV. I still think that you should try and make it so you can get by without one. In saying that, though, at the very least, people should be able to see a list of your achievements to date. They don’t know exactly what you have been doing, nor do they have the means to check it, so having a list such as this truly does help.



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