Trust the process

Putting the reps in is a great way to improve, and there’s even legitimate reason to say it’s the only way. The secret then is to systemize the reps. Give yourself the least resistance possible to do the reps, and at the same time give yourself restrictions or rules that make you do them regularly.

I’m talking about writing. If you want to improve, make it as easy as possible to get your ideas out, for example a blog app on your phone, and give yourself restrictions or rules, such as one post a day.

However, this process could be used equally for exercise or other creative endeavors. In fact, I highly recommend it. Make it easy for you to do even just a little of something to improve daily or at least five times a week, and this makes it easier to keep up, and thus easier to put in the reps and improve.

Sporadic action leads to sporadic results. In the same vain, regular action leads to regular results. And by pushing yourself even just slightly more than the day before, you’ll be amazed at just how much you can improve.



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