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A few years ago, I bought a new phone. I had instant regret having spent more than $1000 on it, which I never imagined I’d do. But I figured I’d use it for at least five years like my last one (well, four years). However, within a week, I had dropped it and ruined the screen forever. Or so I thought.

The other week, I noticed a crack in the screen on my brand new GoPro. How could I be so careless? I thought. And as I was investigating, I realised that the screen protector had done its job. The only crack was on the protector and the screen was completely fine! Which made me think, maybe my phone screen wasn’t actually cracked.

And so, after more than two years of thinking I had a cracked phone screen, I checked it and I was of course wrong. The screen protector had done its job! But I had already given up hope for the longest time.

I just bought a new protector and put it on, it’s like new again! Sometimes we should really consider whether something is broken or not, we could be completely wrong and it could take two years to realise it!



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