Uncommon sense

On a local swimming pool’s website it says the wearing of a swim cap is ‘common sense’.

Japan: We pray for a quick recovery from the novel coronavirus.

Also Japan: *actually goes through with a domestic tourism campaign called ‘Go to’.

Nek minnit: record numbers of infections. 🙁

The lack of leadership in Japan (that people blame on the legality of enforcing restrictions) is horrendous. Or should I say, the lack of common sense.

Any New Zealander complaining about their situation really just has to look at basically any other country to see how blessed they are.

These days the buzzword in Japanese is ‘with Corona’. No! Just take look at NZ or other countries with people who have common sense, and you will see that ‘with Corona’ is a condition that is actually controllable. People are using the term ‘with Corona’ as if it is inevitable. It’s not. It just takes sacrifice, otherwise known as ‘Gaman’ in Japanese to get through.

I don’t buy the economy argument for a second either. For one, a swift response by NZ has undoubtedly meant they don’t have to bear the full brunt of the damage economically. They are in recovery mode already, not still fighting what is bound to be a prolonged battle now, a prolonged battle that is undoubtedly worse for the economy, let alone the morale of the citizens.

The second reason I don’t buy the economy argument should really be the first and only reason, I just put the first reason there to argue fire with fire (an economic question with an economic response). That reason is that you can’t contribute to the economy if you’re dead. It’s that simple.

Go to NZ. Go to other countries. What’s ‘common sense’ in Japan, isn’t common sense elsewhere. Does that make it common sense, or uncommon sense?



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