Want a smoother life? Default to Uketamo.

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Accept that things will be different than planned, and you’ll be OK.

With Uketamo, your mindset changes from one of ‘woe is me’ to ‘what can I do about it?’.

That in itself is extremely powerful.

Think about it.

If your default is Uketamo, i.e acceptance, how much smoother will your life be?

You suddenly find that you’re going to have to work with someone you don’t like for an extended period of time, if your first reaction is ‘Uketamo’, you immediately start thinking about how you could manage being with them. You immediately start to imagine ways in which you could actually get along, and who knows, maybe even work well together?

You suddenly injure yourself or are hurt in a way that’s painful but not the end, if you Uketamo, you immediately start to think of ways in which you can deal with it.

You see someone you dislike at your holiday destination. Do you let it ruin your time? No. You Uketamo that these things happen, and you move on.

Default to Uketamo, and things go much smoother. I guarantee it.



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