Warts and all

I’m halfway through editing my second pronunciation video, and I can think of 100 different ways to improve it. I ought to scrap what I have right now and start over, because these improvements are so drastic they would require me to do so, but I want to make it an example. So, I’m going to edit the rest of the video like I said I would, and upload it warts and all. The thing is the only way I could get to this point was by having made videos, by having produced something, and even after just two videos I’ve already learned so much. My hope is that I can make the content more engaging, and in turn more beneficial for my audience, who are exactly the people the videos are for anyway.

Which is to say, expect improvements next time! I would also appreciate any constructive criticism you have, even if you cannot understand what I’m saying.

A few of the improvements I can make:

  • I’m still too nervous and keep stuffing up my lines. A bit more practice and it would make the editing process so much easier!
  • If I wasn’t so nervous, I could add in a few more jokes and make it more my style
  • I learned how to make transitions and add text, next time I can use them more
  • The structure I will change completely to make it more like a game for the learners. This should increase engagement, and in turn their pronunciation skills.



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Tim Bunting Kiwi Yamabushi

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