Cut your losses and forget about it

Once you've cut your losses, forget about it. Once the decision's made, forget about it.

This morning I got partway up Mt. Hokari (lit. Mt. Mother Hunter), when the rain got a bit too heavy for me and I had to turn back. The main problem was my camera, I didn't want anything to happen to it, if it was just me hiking I would have been fine. However, the path was mighty slippery, and it was quite a balancing act to get back down the short way I had climbed.

On the way back, of course the sun started shining. I even stopped at one point to check the rain radar, thinking I could maybe still make it up, I couldn't believe how clear it had gotten. Fortunately the rain radar only confirmed that I was right about the rain not letting up, and it meant that I headed home. The good thing was, I cut my losses early, meaning I didn't really lose out that much. Plus, Mt. Hokari is only about one hour drive from my house, if that, and I should have another chance this weekend.

If it was a further mountain, I most likely would have continued, and that probably wouldn't have been for the best. Best to cut your losses soon, and move on.



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Tim Bunting Kiwi Yamabushi

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