What to do with the injustice of others

Of all the things that happen to you, injustices brought upon you by another person can feel like the worse because they are human-made. In these cases it’s easy to blame yourself, if only you had interacted with them in another way, if only you had been more careful, if only…

As hard as it is though, you have to learn to uketamo (accept) these injustices as something that the universe brings upon you, not something brought upon by the other person. Putting blame on the other person only leads to resentment, and can make you seem bitter, which is by no means a positive attribute. It’s best to accept these injustices for what they are, and move on.

On the off chance that you come across this person in the future and it brings back feelings, hold back and show restraint, you will come out the better person for doing so for sure. I’m not a supporter of holding your upper lip, I think it’s better to let your feelings out, but there are different ways you can go about this.

You could lash out at the perpetrator, but that would make you as guilty as them. Best to suck it up, and find another way to get the upper hand, and the best way to do that is by focusing on living well. With a certain amount of living well, any injustice will feel minuscule and unworthy of your time and effort.



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