What to do with the off days

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Decide in advance what you’ll do when you hit a wall

One of the most important parts of habit creation is deciding what to do with the off days, and I mean both kinds of off days; The days you decide in advance you will take off (or not), and the days where you’re just not feeling it.

For the first kind, you need to decide in advance how often you are going to do the habit. And I’ll give you a hint, daily habits should be daily. Having weekends makes you resent the days you have to do it. Pick a schedule, and stick to it no matter what.

Then the second kind, the days you really don’t feel like it. If you follow the first rule, you have no choice. You go with whatever you’ve got.

Or, you decide in advance what the bare minimum is, and do just that. Keeping up the momentum is a lot more important than you’d think, and the bare minimum is all that it takes.

In any case, you should have some sort of understanding of your frequency, and the bare minimum. Everything else will take care of itself.



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