Why not to live in Tokyo

If you need a reminder why not to live in Tokyo, just visit there.

For me it’s the number of people and the lack of greenery. The number of people makes it unreasonable to have a car, which means less convenience (unironically, I think too much convenience is cause for evil. Overconsumption, and mountains of waste come to mind). But having a car means you don’t need to be squashed into a moving van, and it’s something I think I’ve been taking for granted.

So, in Tokyo, people move like ants after sugar, only the sugar is so spread out only few move in unison.

The sheer number of people makes things interesting though. It means there are certain opportunities that only come about through having centralized demand.

It’s a reminder that humans do have the ability to live in close quarters too. Although it’s hard to say what satisfaction levels are like, and judging on depression and suicide rates, in general you’d have to say they aren’t very high.

We are so close to other people in proximity, but are we really connected here? I would say, no.



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