WordPress v. Wix. v. Squarespace

I’m attempting to build a website for what I think is the fifth time now. I’m back to using Wix, which is what I originally used, but I’ve also used WordPress and Squarespace extensively before. I chose Wix for this project solely because I found a way to make a website from a database, but there are still some areas I want to edit that I can’t, as mentioned in yesterday’s post.

WordPress offers total control over everything, only it can be annoying to have to update individual plugins without which you can’t do some simple things. Hosting and domains are also outside the WordPress system, but this isn’t that big of a deal.

Squarespace is really easy to use, has a great interface, but lacks some certain features, like making sites from databases, that I wanted at this time.

Wix is like a halfway point. It is intuitive, but there is a lack of templates like the other two (there are templates, but once you’ve started a site, you can only use the templates you started with. It’s quite annoying). Except with Wix, you can customize the website with your own code. I just don’t know how to do that.

I’m coming into website creation without knowing much at all about coding, and it’s not that hard at all these days. It’s a matter of doing it I guess.

The website creation is getting easier. I have a better idea of what I want things to look like, and a good way of building just that. The problem with working with different builders, though, is that things work differently, and you have to know how to do the same thing but on different systems. Overall, it’s not too hard.

If you just need a simple website, use Squarespace. If you have a few more demands, look into whether Wix addresses them, and if you want to do something a bit more difficult, try WordPress. The Brizy Plug-in I’ve used has worked wonders, by the way.



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