Work and creativity

Many people have jobs that are just work. But, since starting this blog every day I have come to realize there is more yeah should be more to your job than work.

This daily blog has given me the desire to be more creative. It has also given me the opportunity to reflect on my current jobs. Not only that but also jobs in general.

Yesterday I was listening (yes, listening) to a YouTube video, where the man mentioned that a lot of jobs in Japan are kind of like ghost jobs. What this means is for one reason or another people are just there to fill space (this may have some connection to my idea that in general Japanese people are extremely lazy). Reason being they only do the bare minimum work, and that is enough for them.

I don't have a problem with people doing what they want, but at a scale this big I wish things would be more efficient. My idea is that if these people shifted from their ghost jobs, two more creative jobs, the output would be staggering.

As it currently stands, these people are probably going to have to become carers for the elderly. I know which job I would rather have, and I do not envy those who work in elderly care. I have seen it firsthand.

Anyway, I think we should be more encouraged to do creative work, or, I think I know what kind of work I want to do from now. Next I guess I'll have to describe what I mean by creative, because creating a business definitely fits into this description.



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