You can’t choose your days

You can’t choose your days. Nor would you want to. That a day doesn’t turn out as expected is a good thing. Expected is boring.

Not choosing your days means you get some variation. It also means you can appreciate the ‘good’ days more when they come, and also see the good in the ‘bad’ days too.

For example, today I was disappointed to get to the summit of Okina-san only for it to be completely shrouded in cloud. I couldn’t see more than 20m ahead of me, and for Okina-san this is a big deal. The summit has some of the best views this side of the Mogami.

That cloud provided protection from the harsh sun, as a cool breeze throughout. It also meant I got to see the beech forests under a blanket of mist, which was nothing short of magical. That says a lot for a mountain with Okina-Sans mythical history.

I wouldn’t have been able to see that side of Okina-san if it weren’t for the cloud, and for that I’m grateful.



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