Your own little summit: satisfied with not always being satisfied


There’s a peak halfway up the trail to Mt. Gassan if you start at the eighth station called ‘Omowashiyama’. This name translates into English as ‘the mountain that tricks you’. This is because the peak is just high enough that from the angle you hike, it blocks your view of the summit, and leads you to believe that it is in fact the summit. The peak sure would have fooled many hundreds of people along the way (not to mention yours truly) over the centuries.

On Sunday when we were climbing Mt. Yamuki, it was a similar situation. We got to a clearing that could have easily been the summit. But when I looked at the map, I realised we were about 10m off the actual height of the summit. The summit was still another 10 or so minutes away. We (I) had been fooled!

But I would not have known that had I not been using the Yamap app. I would have stopped then and there and happily claimed this summit as the real summit.

And I think that’s perfectly fine.

What’s good enough for you is good enough for you. If it satisfies you, then that’s great! No need to go out chasing the next big thing.

The problem is with me, I’m always searching for that next peak. So much so that I like to make sure I have enough energy to reach the next peak if I need to. This means I’m not always giving 100%.

And that’s perfectly fine too! As long as you’re reaching the milestones.

Always having something to reach for, but always being able to be satisfied with what you’ve already achieved, I think this is a great way to go about things! Don’t you?



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