Always have an escape

It's easy to say things like don't overthink, don't overwork, don't fret the small things, but it's hard to put that into action when you're a human.

I've seen firsthand that these actions can have catastrophic consequences, so I purposely stop myself when I think I may be doing them, and you know what I do? I take a break. I give myself an excuse to spend a day or part of a day doing whatever I feel like, which often means going for a drive and going to a cafe, or going out for a walk.

I think it helps to have practical steps to avoid doing those things. Or to have ways to physically avoid them. It's a big reason why I set aside at least two time slots a week to go swimming.

I'm probably lucky in that I have swimming to fall back on, because I feel in my element there, but other people may need to find something like that they enjoy. I don't think it's something you should force yourself to do, though. Do it if it feels natural to you. Other things might be writing or art, but I think looking back on your childhood might be one way to discover where your passion lies.

So I guess my advice would be to have an escape, a way in which you are taken away from the 'real' world if only for a few hours or so. When you feel more time is necessary, take more time. Things aren't going to take a turn for the worse just by you not being there, and in fact they'll take a turn for the best because you come back refreshed with a new sense of purpose.



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