Bigger than it sound

If you have gone through a tough situation, it helps to let it out not just to get it out of your system, but to show other people that if they ever go through that situation themselves, they will have someone with which to relate to. If your struggle is a huge one, this is a lot bigger than it sounds. At times this means you are showing your vulnerabilities, which of course is hard to do, but if it can help you to get through things it is definitely worth it in the long run.

If you’re reading this and think something is wrong with me, don’t worry. I was / am having some struggles, but I have found someone great to talk to that helps make things much much easier. When I am through it, I too wish to pass on the goodwill, I’m ok to share this publicly, but there are a few people whose privacy I have to protect, so will not be talking about this for a while. In spite of this, I still feel content and very happy to be here. My hope is that you do too.



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