Which 80% provides the most benefit?

I tried really hard to get good footage when I climbed Mt. Maya about two weeks ago, and it really paid off. This morning I was able to put together the video for Mt. Maya in about four hours. Until now, this has been almost impossible.

A lot of it I put down to switching from primarily shooting with my GoPro to shooting with my Sony. The footage the Sony gets is just so much better, especially on a mountain with low light like most of the mountains around here.

In saying that there are some times when the GoPro does shine, mainly with action shots or shots with movement. However I have switched from probably 90% GoPro to 90% Sony, and it has made a phenomenal difference, as you will see with the video.

Either way, I managed to put together a video I am proud of, and managed to do it in a relatively short amount of time as well. This means that going forward I will put a lot more effort into getting good footage from the outset. This means I should hopefully be able to put out good quality content on the regular, something I had always aimed to be able to do.

Again, I think this is the Pareto Principle in action, the whole ‘which 80% provides the most benefit’? And for video editing, I truly think it’s the footage part. Now I just need to keep it up.



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