Constantly putting your best foot forward

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In world cups where it’s do or die, it’s hard to pick the right team for each game. If you pick your best players, some of them may be too fatigued or god forbid injured to be able to play in the next game. But then you risk losing the current game to even have a chance at getting that next game.

In many ways it’s a battle of attrition. You have to have good enough players on the field, so you either need enough good enough players, or you need your good players to be good enough for longer.

This is similar to creative endeavours as well. If you don’t put out something good enough, you risk losing at least part of your audience.

Essentially this means you constantly have to be putting your best foot forward. You constantly have to be trying your best, not only to defeat your opponents or to get the upper hand on Pressfield’s resistance, but so you can do enough for your own satisfaction to keep on keeping on.



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