Consuming with Conscious

When I was in high school, two friends and I used to love going to the movies. We usually went at least once a week, and we saw most of the semi-decent ones out there at the time.

I never thought about it then, but one of my friends would have gained so much more out of watching them than we did. You see, this friend had been infatuated by music in films since such a young age, and he had even already written a lot of his own stuff by that time.

I think, while watching the films, besides obviously following the story, he would have been analyzing how the emotions and storyline developments were being portrayed through the visuals, but more importantly the audio soundtrack for ideas to add to his repertoire.

I never really caught onto this at high school, I think I was way too immature, but the same thing goes for novels or anything else creative. Well, looking back for me it could have been for learning Japanese, I think I analyzed a lot of the language I came into contact with and had a lot of questions about it too.

The same thing is true when it comes to interior design or architecture, or any DIY project too.

When you have a desire to be creative, you look at things you consume in a different way. This means you look at them deeper too, not just at a surface level, which I think most creatives want their audience to do.

That’s one way why pushing creativity is a good idea, it gives you a sense of appreciation for what others have created.

Of course then we can extrapolate this to nature as well… maybe that’s how religions started.



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