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Yesterday I posted about not following my own rule. Well, I just went for a swim so I guess that doesn't hold true for this week. Actually, I went for a swim in the ocean. Japan has a stupid norm (it's not a rule, it's a norm, see Seth Godin's podcast) where they generally only swim in the ocean after an arbitrary date in July called 'ocean day' or something. For some reason this is also when my local outdoor 50m pool opens too. It's June, and the days are already quite warm, mid 20s, which is like summer in NZ. So I think more people should be out and they should ignore that norm that's in place. So yeah, I managed to stave off my own rule for another week. But I am a little bit worried about the triathlon in two weeks, I haven't had the time to train that I would have liked to have had. Although a lot of that is because the pool opens at 10am, and me being a morning person, it's a bit of an inconvenience. Hence the ocean! And that's why I swam in the ocean this morning:)



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