Breaking my rule

I’m breaking my own rule. This week I was only able to go swimming once. I’ve just had too much stuff pile up slowly and it’s culminated I’m not having enough time to do stuff. Yesterday I had set aside the day for a break, but something came up that it would have been rude not to attend to. So what did I do? I stayed as long as was polite, left, and went for a swim hehe. Likely my only swim of the week.

What am I going to do about it? I’ve since gone through and made time wherever possible in my calendar for ‘break’ days. Even so, there isn’t as much space for them. I have to do this more in advance. Lesson learned for when you have to work Saturdays. Take the Monday off. I guess uni kinda screwed me up there cos I have classes on Saturdays, and I had classes on Mondays (not anymore). I tried making Wednesday my day off, didn’t work very well. Wednesday is one of the worst days to take off work wise. Chances are people are working it.

So yeah, I remember Ramit Sethi mentioning this in his book, and I think it’s good advice. Maybe I should go back to my original name ‘何も入れないでー’ which is a pun for ‘ don’t put anything on this day’, and ‘a day with nothing on it’. I owe this to myself, but more so I owe it to my wife. Dammit. Haha.



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