Why are you so busy?

These past few weeks have been hectic to say the least. I haven’t had a whole day off in a while, and I won’t for the next week at least. I think it’s taking its toll, and I really need to consider why I’m so busy. What need am I trying to address with this busyness? You know, it might be external, and I think it is. I think I feel the urge to work and work so I can get more money.

Damn, that’s superficial. That’s the problem with having so many things on your plate. I think each thing I’m dedicating to is worthwhile, but I do feel there is a bit of discretion there too. Some are definitely more worthwhile than others. And if I’m being honest, I’m doing them because other people want me to. Not because I truly want to do them.

I want to take the time to reflect on things, but I just don’t have that time. Dude! Gotta do something about this.



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Tim Bunting Kiwi Yamabushi

Tim Bunting Kiwi Yamabushi

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Sakata City, Yamagata, Japan 


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