Curiosity is where it’s at

What's the number one goal that if reached, you could say all your effort to date would be worth it?

Ok, now take that goal, and throw it in the rubbish.

You don't need it.

Life isn't about reaching one goal. If it were, it would be a truly sad state of affairs.

As humans, we are born to create and create and create. We are born to keep on keeping on.

That's the secret.

Always taking on things with fresh eyes can lead you to see them in a more productive way, rather than the mindset where you know everything. Although sometimes this gets in the way of knowing that we are making progress, the truth is, if you take on the beginner mindset you are always making progress. There is not one giant goal that if we achieve, we will have reached perfection. And even if there were, how boring would that be! Knowing everything would suck. Curiosity is where it's at!

We shouldn't get bogged down by our ability or lack thereof to make progress, especially because it's all relative. As humans, we have the tendency to compare ourselves to those in our immediate vicinity. If we were to broaden our field of comparison, things would only get worse. There's always going to be someone better than you at the one thing you choose to evaluate yourself on, and even if you were the best in the world, it's only a matter of time till someone else puts you in your place.

By all means, have goals. Goals help us progress in a positive way. But know that you are on a journey where goals just keep appearing. These goals are built on our curiosity. Which is great! It gives us an incentive to continuously try to better ourselves, and once we reach a goal, it gives us greater incentive to continue.



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