Do whatever it takes to get as far as you can

person running near street between tall trees

Give the stars the greatest chance to align

Your plane leaves an hour late. Not much you can do but sit and wait. Will you make the bus in time? And the plane after that?

Sometimes we need the stars to align to be able to do anything. Sometimes we need the stars to align to get where we need to go on time.

I ran. I pushed my way through the throngs of unsuspecting travelers walking without a care in the world. The ones who care so little they block the path.

You know, the worst kind.

Well, that doesn’t matter anymore. The effort I made paid off. I got to the bus and even had two minutes to catch my breath.

You never know what happens until it happens. Until then, give it your best shot. Get as far as you can until you can’t anymore. Give your best effort to do so too.

The stars align when you give them the best chance of aligning.



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