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You know the universal income? Well, I was thinking of a way that I feel would be fair for someone employing me. For the past few years I’ve been sort of away from a salary or being paid per hour, not completely yet, but it’s a method that I much rather prefer.

I don’t like the limitations placed on you in a conventional job, where you get paid a set amount for a putting in a certain number of hours. I feel it is limiting, and depending on the amount of work you do it could be viable for either you or the employer. For example, if you’re paid a certain wage, but you either slack off, or there isn’t enough work for you, but you’re still getting paid, then it’s not worthwhile for the employer. Or, if you’re overworked or your skills far outweigh your compensation, then it’s not worth it for the employee.

Well, my idea would be similar to a universal income. The employee gets paid a base pay, say enough to cover their living costs or maybe something like their insurance or other benefits, but then they also get paid per project they take on and satisfactorily complete. This can be on top of their normal duties, or some simple tasks they have to undertake to meet the requirements for their base pay, but then they are free to take on other tasks and finish them in their own time, in their own way, as long as they’re done in the set deadline. It’s sort of like a semi-freelance deal.

This would essentially be my current situation where I am working for a university but taking on extra work outside on a freelance basis, and I think it might be a good way to keep people motivated and pay them fairly. Perhaps the employee could take a commission for finding the jobs, so that the companies can keep running and they are incentivised to find these jobs.

Well, this is just an idea for now. I thought maybe other people would enjoy it for what it’s worth.



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