Gaining a new skill

Instead of just photos, I’ve started trying to collect more and more videos. My aim is to introduce this area to more people, not for the purposes of mass tourism, which we may not ever see again. Rather rather for the purpose of enlightened tourism, for people who go to a place to experience it, not just look at it.

So from my exploring today I’ve picked up a few points already, which I’ve found has been similar to the learning curve I had when I took up photography.

There are a number of shots you have in mind that you have to get, only this time they’re moving shots. Something is moving in them, either the camera, or the object. I hadn’t really thought about that until I picked up the camera and started shooting, so next time I know to have some images in mind.

The other big thing was getting used to the gimbal. I had hardly used one before, and mine kept locking on things I didn’t want it to, so I had trouble controlling the shot as I’d like. I resorted to filming it backwards, and I’ll reverse the shot in editing.

I understand that the only way in which I can improve is to simply produce videos, so perhaps I need some sort of deadline to do so. I gave myself the aim of simply capturing b-roll for now, but I guess I should do some sort of voice recording as well. A weekly video might be doable, but I should have some ideas in stock (which I do, but only some).

Having a goal in mind really helps with projects like this. I think my goal is to share this part of Japan with someone who otherwise would not know they wanted to come here. That was how I got started on website design, and it seemed to work well enough.

So, I guess you can expect more video content from me in the near future. All going well that is.



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