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I seem to have forgotten, but regular exercise is such an important part of being a human. I had forgotten that this is not only physical. Maintaining mobility and fitness levels helps immensely with your confidence which in turn helps immensely with your mentality. This means you can be more useful to those around you, as you aren’t a burden and you can better help lift them up if they’re down.

I had had a bit of a dip in exercise levels, which I had put down to COVID meaning I couldn’t go to the pool (my choice of exercise for those who don’t follow regularly), but I’m just starting to realize the stupidity of that decision.

Sure it was made in the name of public health, a belief I still maintain, but to be truly useful in this world, you have to look after yourself first. That means regular exercise, and it means getting out of your comfort zone to get past the trap of homeostasis that our minds trick us into (our minds naturally try to make us maintain the status quo, so we have to go out of our comfort zone physically to get anywhere).

In this world of COVID, it means compromise. It means not doing what you might like to do, but doing what you need to do to maintain a healthy body and mind. But we should think of it as an opportunity. An excuse to explore things we wouldn’t normally. Who knows, if you explore your options, you might just find something else you like. Like rowing, that I’m just starting to get into 🙂



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