Hit the Ground Running: Start your New Year’s Resolutions Now

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Now’s a good time to prepare for your New Year’s Resolutions. We shouldn’t need an arbitrary day or time of the year to remind us to get around to what we have been meaning to do, we can do these things whenever we feel like it, but New Year’s Resolutions are often a very good excuse that provides the kick up the bum we need!

And I’m here to remind you of that.

If you get started now, it means you can hit the ground running. It means you can prepare in advance for what until now has obviously been a little out of reach for whatever reason. In theory, it should give you a better chance at success too, because, besides delaying things getting tough, you’d have already thought ahead of what to do when things get tough, right?

You can start on the project now if you like, but you still have some time to prepare for it, and this is your reminder to do so. Or at least, think of this as a chance to think of what it is exactly you have been meaning to do, and how you can do it.



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