Ideas that spread – My experience with plagiarism

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Over the past few days I’ve noticed a very sharp uptick in page views from India on my website. They were all essentially to two posts (google ‘uketamo’ and you’ll probably see them), and I found out who the culprit was. The Times of India blog The Speaking Tree wrote a blog about Uketamo and quoted me in it. I had no part in this besides providing the information on my blog.

At first I was quite shocked that someone would do that without asking me (please ask me first, in most cases I will give you free reign), and I have since realised that there are actually a few places using this information (again, google ‘uketamo’). Of course I am a bit bothered by the blatant plagiarism, but I don’t write this blog to protect the information. The very purpose of the blog is to spread my ideas, and it appears in this case I have done a good job of doing that.

Ideas that spread, win. So Seth Godin always says. It’s about spreading the ideas first and foremost (whether paid or otherwise). Only then can you even think about doing anything with them.



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