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A couple of weeks back I was interpreting for an online session between the NZ Triathlon Team and a local elementary school. During the session, the elementary school students did their own rendition of the Haka. Every single time I watch the Haka, I get goosebumps, and this time was by no means different.

I’m not sure what it is about it. The Haka is indeed designed to scare, but these kids are like 3/4 my height and could hardly hurt a fly. Well, if you saw them on the street maybe. I’m really happy, it seems they really understood the meaning behind the Haka, and were able to put in a spine-tingling performance.

For kiwis, I can’t think of anything that shows more respect than the Haka. Some friends of mine even performed it at my wedding here in Japan. It was amazing. It’s also a very good motivator as well, and I believe it plays a similar role to the Torifune ritual we do before waterfall meditation to get ready for it. It’s amazing how these simple rituals can really inspire.

P.S. I disagree completely with hosting the Olympics during a pandemic, but it’s not up to me it seems.



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