Don’t let the bad luck linger!

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Take a break! Give it some time! Don’t let the bad luck linger!

Last night was a crazy triple blow of bad luck. The outdoor pool had closed due to a thunderstorm warning meaning I couldn’t get my swim in, the All Blacks 7s lost (power to the Fijians! They played amazingly and fully deserved it!), and last but not least, my computer gave up the ghost!

Now, I wish I had taken my wife’s advice and just stopped there, but no I wanted to have a working computer the next day, so I tried to fix it, breaking my 6pm rule when all devices but the TV are switched off. That was another thing that did actually bother me it seems, and in that frustration, I may have accidentally deleted the content of a full 4TB hard drive… If I had just calmed down and tried in the morning, I may not have done that.

I’m going to be borrowing my wife’s computer until I can get mine back up and running, I guess it’s a good thing that I have that option, so I should be ok, but I’ve at least lost some work, and I’m going to have to start some things from scratch (including possibly climbing a mountain again), which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. This is why you always back up! Or you could just save things on the cloud 🙂

The hard drive though, it might be a good thing to lose it. I have too many files that it was getting a bit out of hand. I counted and I have more than 15TB of capacity, and I believe a lot of it is being used. The problem is, a lot of it is stuff that might be usable. Might have to sort out another solution for storage, or might have to do a better job at getting quality stuff in the first place. An interesting conundrum to have.



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