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So, my computer well and truly gave up the ghost. After consulting with a person from Apple, I have to get it sent away for repairs, which might just cost me a pretty penny. I tried everything I knew to do (I.e. ask Google sensei what you should do), and only then I talked to Apple when it was established that there was a major problem. My closest Apple-certified repair place was around 90km away in Yamagata City, so I’m going to do everything by post.

That’s one problem with living out here. I always say that we don’t need the convenience of living in a big city, and 99% of the time that’s true. I’ve probably only been to a convenience store here between the hours of 10pm and 6am maybe once or twice, at least in the past few years. If we really need to, we can get to Sendai in about 2 hours or so, but for something like this that requires emergency repairs, well, we lose out.

Although, the last time my computer had a problem and I sent it away (sticky keys on their ‘revolutionary’ keyboard), it was taken care of relatively quickly, it was less than 3 days. Also, my computer has been sitting unopened over weekends recently, largely because I’ve been outside in the mountains filming.

This means that I have a bit of a backlog of videos and articles to write up. The truth is, I wanted to get the 100 mountains of Yamagata up much quicker, but I’m slowly coming to terms with the limitations of Wix. One huge one for me being that I only have limited options for customizing the pages that blog posts appear on. If I want a full article like this or this, I have to use their blog feature, but then I can’t customize things like having a ‘in short’ section with basic info on the mountain. I could just write it in the blog post, but that sort of defeats the purpose of using wix (I can use Medium for that). On the other hand, if I use their dynamic pages, I can’t get photos or videos in the middle of the articles. So I’m kinda thinking I should just stick with WordPress.

You may have noticed I changed my site a few days ago (so far only the home page and the mountains pages), actually it was in the hours before my computer gave up, so I haven’t been able to fix some of the glaring problems (check out any of my mountains posts to see if you can spot them, one is extremely obvious at the top ;p). If I don’t get Wix up and running as I originally planned, at least it inspired the new design that I think is pretty cool.

Using Wix has been alright though. I get a fix out of seeing my designs up on the internet, and Wix makes it easy to put these up fast. Well, besides their system for organizing dynamic posts to display on a page, that could do with a lot of work. It’s a really unnecessarily convoluted system, the Brizy plugin I have been using has been 1000x better in that regard. Also, I’ve been able to replicate the Wix-inspired design relatively easily too.

Which is to say, there are a lot of things I want to try out, and I’m thinking I should just stick with WordPress for now, and think of Wix as more of an experiment. If you want to see what I’ve been building, you should be able to see it at travel.timbunting.com.



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