It just is

Not good, nor bad, just is. Not hot, nor cold, just is. Not happy, nor sad, just is. Not sweet, nor sour, just is. Not failure, nor success, just is.

I mentioned it briefly in my recent video, but the mindset of a Zen / Yamabushi monk is an excellent exercise in learning to come to terms with things.

If you take things at face value, and don’t put an opinion on them, not only can you experience them for what they are, rather than comparing them to your expectations, you can more easily move on when these things are over.

Sometimes how we feel about something can get in the way of getting through it. Say you had a falling out with a friend and you feel you got the raw end of the deal. That only leads to resentment and bitterness, which brought to the surface can make you look bad. This gets in the way of your progress.

Best to accept things for what they are, as a thing that happened, learn how to avoid such things in the future, and move on. No ruminating.



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