It’s no Tarantino

In the past year or so, even with what is going on around the world, when did you feel the most content? When did you feel the happiest?

Today, I will be premiering my latest YouTube video. It took me way longer to make than it should have, and there are still some things I’d like to change, but that’s not the point. I set myself the challenge of making the best video I was physically able to, and although it’s no Tarantino, it’s a definite improvement on my other videos.

I set myself a creative challenge and I am extremely happy I did so. Not only did I find a love for making videos that I never knew about, I feel rather content at having done it. This is a feeling that I seem to get when I do creative things like this, for example, I used to get a rush when designing English lessons (no joke), or doing photography.

That’s another advantage of blogging daily, you flex your creative muscle regularly, so are able to better express yourself. It also means on days that you aren’t feeling up for it, you still have to produce things, and that tides you over until you’re back on your toes.

So, get creative! Start making things! Start expressing yourself in new ways, and, watch my new video 🙂

(Photo is from our walk yesterday, the sky had different types of clouds all over and we even saw a fox 🙂 )



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